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Alvin Richard


Close Up  on Alvin  Richard

Close Up on Alvin Richard

On, "Bowl of Fruit for Mary - an homage to Mary Pratt", Alvin Richard says, “I truly loved Mary Pratt. At this point in time I can honestly say that she has been the most influential painter in my art career.”  Alvin would drive to Sackville to spend the afternoon at Owens Art Gallery and study the paintings of Mary Pratt.  As a self taught painter, Alvin certainly learned the lessons.

Alvin Richard loves light.  He loves how it reflects and bounces around glass vases and jars.  He is also a keen student of popular culture and often incorporates Coke bottles, plastic straws, marbles and books by cultural icons into his still life paintings. His attention to detail and his use of colour are signatures of his work. 

Recently retired from a career as an emergency room nurse in a city hospital, Alvin will now have the time to devote to his love of painting.  It is with pleasure that we are able to present this small feature exhibition of four of his acrylic paintings.  So, with all it's beautiful light, shadow and colour .... here is Alvin Richard.

To view Alvin Richard's works visit this page.