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Jon Claytor


Jon Claytor

Jon Claytor is a painter who maintains multiple creative identities under the umbrella of Jon Claytor Art + Projects. A co-founder of SappyFest and Thunder & Lightning Ideas Ltd., Jon’s diverse practice includes painting,  film, new media, curating and collaboration. Language and lyrics permeate his paintings and his BAD IDEAS FOREVER project finds more unusual outlets including postcards, pencils, stickers, t-shirts, tote bags and ballcaps.  He has exhibited in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and across Canada. His artwork has appeared on the album covers of Gord Downie, Julie Doiron and many others. 

“My research and art practice is primarily concerned with the delicate tightrope we walk as human beings: how action and desire often intersect and diverge when least expected and result in some very strange unions of contrasting emotions. My work has gone in many directions over the years and although I consider myself to be primarily a painter I have worked in new media, film, curating and community arts organization.”

“My interest in spectacle, surprise, collaboration and mystery is also reflected in my time as the artistic director of SappyFest (a music and arts festival in Sackville NB) and co-founder of Thunder & Lightning Ideas Limited (a creative space similar to Halifax’s Art Bar and an artist run centre combined), creating events and facilitating collaboration are an important part of my art practice.”

Jon Claytor graduated from Mount Allison University (BFA) in 1998 and continues to live in Sackville, NB.