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Out of the Woods / Out of the North

April 8, 2021 – May 14, 2021


Dean Reeves relocated to New Brunswick in 2019 - just before Covid-19 brought everything in the world to a halt.  Over this past year he has explored and discovered many things about rural living and his approach to his art.  After many months in semi-isolation Dean is ready to come 'out of the woods'. 

“My practice as a landscape painter involves a persistent study of the subject, getting to know its character and colour by returning again and again. Observation is the key while I rely on my drawing skills and adapt the materials (pastel and paper) at my disposal.

The work in this exhibition represents my exploration of many different environments, from forest to marsh to tidewater. Most of the places were discovered while travelling down a new (to me) road. Some have become favourite painting spots to return to time after time. But sometimes what is found is not what is sought after. In a forest I have discovered much more by standing still long enough to really see what is there.

What I have lately found is that when I return to a location to paint, I discover not how it IS, but how it has changed, and will continue to change. Sitting beside the Bay of Fundy several hours to paint, I will see two or even three totally different sets of cloud in the sky and water conditions are always in transition. The challenge is to embrace the changes.”


Although Northern Inuit people have been carving for thousands of years, it was not until the 1950's that the work became known to any extent in the South. Most of the earliest carving, some of which dates back two thousand years,  was for tools or household objects. 

Today,  many Inuit sculptures are, as they always has been, derived from the environment and everyday activities.  The Inuit and Indigenous artists that are featured in this exhibition have given us an insight into their lives, their stories and their way of living.  It is with great excitement that we welcome this collection of stone carvings from these special and very talented sculptors.