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Above Us Only Sky - new rugs by Deanne Fitzpatrick

April 14, 2022 – May 6, 2022

“I put this show together after hooking one rug with birds in the sky that were both birds and clouds. I made a couple of  more rugs with flowers that began to morph into birds. I was not sure whether the birds were crows, gulls or doves.

Soon after I began hooking some villages with bird clouds in the sky.  For several months every sky I hooked was filled with birds. I was watching birds as I walked. Noticing how when they turned sideways their bodies changed. Everywhere I went they were with me.

I began drawing the bird shapes differently, changing the colours of the outlines, and slowly in my heart and my mind these birds became doves and these rugs became about peace.  I began thinking about the nature of conflict,  and the wars that were happening in many countries around the world. 

I also began thinking about my role as individual when there was was war, What could I do in my limited capacity as a single soul.

As I hooked, drew, journaled, walked and talked with friends I really considered what I could do. I could create beauty, I could donate, but mostly I came to the idea that it was my responsibility to make peace in any way I could. To choose peace in my interactions with others. So slowly over time these birds became doves and the rugs became about peace. 

 Peace in the village, Peace in the house and of course as it always starts with us, peace in my heart.”

This exhibition, “Above Us Only Sky” begins at Fog Forest Gallery on Thursday, April 14 and continues until May 6, 2022.  Deanne will be in the gallery on Saturday April 23 from 10 am - 12 noon to meet and informally greet visitors.  Masks and social distancing will be required. 

If you wish to purchase any of these works by Deanne Fitzpatrick please contact me by email  at or 506-878-0691.

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