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Sarah Quintin


Sarah Quintin

Originally from Kingston Ontario, Sarah Quintin came to Sackville to study fine art at Mount Allison University graduating with a BFA in 1992.  Her art has always been driven by a strong sense of colour and form.  As a young mother living in a small apartment she discovered that papier mache allowed her to create within her limited accommodations.  Limitations, however, have never been a problem for Sarah's imagination.

She started creating quirky characters in papier mache.  Mrs. Wolfratt with Chicken Hawk and Wired Woman became reoccurring subjects in her work; often shadowing her own life experiences.  These imaginative characters, with thoughtfulness and humour, portray the challenges of finding 'balance' in a very busy life or the bliss one feels when swimming, running or just having a quiet time reading.   She loves colour and pattern and uses these elements in her work.

After a sojourn away from art, Sarah is once again creating wonderful and refreshing papier mache sculptures.  Welcome back Sarah.