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Markoosie Papigatuk

Born in 1976, Markoosie began carving at the age of 12 years old.  He is largely self taught but observed and learned many things from his uncle, well known artist, Ashevak Tunnillie.  

He has many carvers in his family.  His late grandfather is the famous Kabubuwa Tunnillie and his brother is carver Johnny Papigatok.  His mother Kumaajuk Tunnilllie and grandmother Tavaraq Tunnillie were also carvers in Cape Dorset.  

Markoosie uses both power and hand tools.  Choosing to work on smaller sized sculptures he is able to incorporate a sense of 'spirit' into his bears, rabbits and birds.  He is known for the 'playfulness' that envelops his portrayal of animals - especially his Dancing Bears. 

His work has been featured in exhibitions throughout Canada and Europe.