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Krista Hasson


Krista Hasson

Krista Hasson, a native of Saint John NB, where she lives with her family in Rothesay, NB. She paints primarily with watercolour on rice paper, employing bold colours and texture in an impressionistic manner. Krista’s work stands out as creatively different, evoking a sense of visual energy.

Krista’s artwork is an expression that transcends beyond just painting beautiful pictures. She is sharing her innermost feelings and her deep connection with nature. She communicates these feelings through watercolour batik and oil paintings. “Growing up in the country gave me a deep and lasting connection with nature. The vast array of colourful flowers, beautiful landscapes and peaceful trails through the woods has always captivated me. It is this beauty and magical quality that fuels my creative spirit and is reflected in my art.”

My process is very untraditional. I use wax in a similar fashion to batik but I use rice paper and watercolour. I particularly enjoy working with the many alternating layers of colour and wax. Normally you would watch your painting come to life as you paint it, but with my work I have to trust my creative instincts until the end. When I remove all of the wax and see the final result, it is then that my vision is revealed.”  Over the past few years, Krista has been working in oil on canvas. These landscape and still life paintings demonstrate Krista's attention to detail and mood.

Krista has been featured on the Community One cable TV show “Studio Tour”. She was a top 10 finalist in the International Artists magazine's floral competition. As a result, she had a full page write-up with a picture of "Show Stopper" published in the magazine. Rogers Chocolates licensed her "Sunflowers" watercolour for their Canadian artist collection of chocolate tins. As well the Proxim Group licensed "Garden Staple" for their 2015 calendar cover.

Krista is a self-taught artist. She loves to experiment and is always searching for new ways to grow as an artist. She recently began plein air painting as a new building block for her skill set. Krista was born and raised in Saint John NB.

Krista’s work has been acquired by private and corporate collectors across North America. You will find Krista in her studio every day.