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John England


John is a native Californian and cut his professional teeth creating digital imagery for motion pictures.

His overriding love of solitude and nature eventually led him far from his birth-place.  In the refuge of the rugged Maritime coast, he began to shape his artistic vision -- forsaking tradition for hyper-real images stitched together and stripped of their modern trappings to reveal their un-trammeled essence.

Personal turmoil has sidelined John's work for much of the past six years. Worldwide turmoil has re-awakened his need for artistic expression -- for sharing with others a glimpse of humanity in harmony with nature. Jettisoning his earlier emphasis on "hyper-real" detail, this new work stylizes reality with "blocks" of light and shadow, creating a more impressionistic view of the world before his lens. A lacquer varnish on the print allows the viewer a more immediate and visceral experience, expanding out to the extremities of the frame -- not distanced by glass and mats.

John England lives in New Brunswick and has been represented by Fog Forest Gallery since 2004.