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Ginette Knaff


Ginette Knaff

Photo:  (left)  Poet, educator and life long friend, Liliane Welch.  (right)  Ginette Knaff.

Born in 1938 in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg, Ginette Knaff completed her formal art education at university in Nancy, France.  She taught drawing, painting and the history of art in her hometown secondary school until her retirement.

Ginette Knaff was an extremely private person and she kept her paintings and collage works almost entirely to herself and her close friends, refusing offers to exhibit her work in any of the private galleries in Luxembourg.  On the other hand, she was a staunch supporter of her fellow artists and rarely failed to attend their vernissages.  She made a point of purchasing many of their works for her own home.  

The artworks presented in this exhibition are works which were given to her very good friends Liliane and Cyril Welch.  Liliane, was a well respected published poet.  She and Ginette were young school friends and their friendship lasted throughout their lives.  Excerpts of Liliane’s poems are collaged into some of Knaff’s artworks.

A prolific artist, Ginette Knaff worked steadily since the 1980’s in a large north-facing studio of her own.  All her mature life, until her eyesight faded into near-blindness, painting was her passion and she was one of those for whom everything, even numbers, came with colours.  She passed away in March of 2019.