Winter Sunset
handpainted etching 7/50
$480. matted
$595. framed
Clam Harbour Waves
handpainted etching 5/50
$295. unframed
$425. framed
Storm Over The Marsh
drypoint etching 1/50
$250. unframed
$360. framed
Sugar Bowl and Cherries
etching 1/50
$450 framed/$350 unf.

handpainted etching 29/50
$225 unframed
Late Summer
handpainted etching 3/50
$275. unframed
$425. framed
handpainted etching 2/50
$535.framed • $418. matted
Beach Rocks at Dawn
handpainted etching 1/50
$375. unfr
$495. framed
  Victoria Falls
handpainted etching 15/50
$150 unframed
Sitting Room
$450. framed/$225. unframed
handpainted etching 10/50
$325.framed • $215. matted
handpainted etching 1/60
$195. unframed
$275. framed

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Susan Paterson

Susan Paterson, a native of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, studied under Ted Pulford and David Silverberg at Mount Allison University. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1980. She continued her studies in London, England at the Byam Shaw School of Art where she refined her painting and drawing skills. Following this, Susan studied lithography and etching at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax.

Susan’s work can be found in the collections of public galleries as well as private and corporate collections. Some of these collections include; Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, University College of Cape Breton, Chateau Halifax, Bell Canada, Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Olympia and York Developments, Magna International, K. K. Sakai Co. of Tokyo, Bank of Detroit, and Husky Oil. Her awards include the Lincoln M. Alexander, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Award of Excellence, Toronto 1989; Elizabeth Greenshields’s grant in 1981 and the Director’s Award, Nova Scotia Art Winter Fair, 1978.

Her watercolor paintings and etchings depict a natural landscape that is unspoiled, as though taken out of time. She finds beauty in the quiet places and a dignity that is not lost in her interpretation. Susan’s technical abilities in both painting and printmaking have earned her a solid reputation throughout Canada. She says of her work, “I have lived in Nova Scotia most of my life and throughout my career have turned to the local landscape for inspiration. I especially enjoy trying to capture the warm early-morning light with its dramatic contrasts. I’m also inspired by the light, shadow and textures of still life and interior scenes, usually getting material from my own home.”