Fabric of Time
handcarved grandfather clock - butternut
$ 12,000.
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Michael Morris

Michael's creativity and artistic talent were apparent from an early age and showed in his craftsmanship and attention to detail as he honed his skills in more conventional applications.  His aptitude for solving difficult design problems, both interior and architectural, along with his years of custom woodworking have given him the strong foundation of technical expertise he draws from to create the detailed carvings and sculptures he is known for today.

Carving, for Michael, is an opportunity to explore and emulate the works of his mentor, Mother Nature.  His interpretations of nature’s delicate and intricate forms, created through the passage of time, are captured in wood for us all to enjoy.  Before he lifts his tools, however, there is a great deal of planning to be done.

Michael's fascination with time and history has led him to sculpt beautiful Grandfather Clocks that illustrate his stories in their curves.  To create these timeless heirlooms, Michael must build the structures from the inside out, laminating wood around the empty spaces that will later house the mechanics of each clock.  From this structure, Michael coaxes a story to life using everything from mechanized tools to knives he's fashioned himself to suit his needs.

Michael has been interviewed by CBC radio and CFJC television, his work documented in the Globe and Mail, Kamloops This Week, and the Star Journal. He has been featured in Log Home Living, Timber Home Living, Best Home, and Wood Carving Illustrated. Michael created the “Wildfire Dragon” in the wake of the McLure Wildfire of 2003, and his sculpture of “Spirit of the Forest” was incorporated into the Celebration Plaza Inclusive Playground in Whistler, BC, completed for the Olympic Games in 2010. Michael's work can be found in homes and collections across Canada and in the United States.