tupelo wood/acrylic
$ 700
tupelo wood/acrylic
$ 1200
tupelo wood/acrylic
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Werner Arnold

Werner Arnold was born in the Zurich area of Switzerland and immigrated to Canada when he was 22 years old. An accomplished wood sculptor, he has exhibited his work in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Switzerland over the past 40 years.

He is widely recognized for his unique and original style of modernist sculpture featuring colourful, intricate images and for his technical virtuosity. He has explored various themes in his work; masks and carnivals, the circus and animal worlds, mythology and medieval imagery, always striving for both visual and aesthetic balance and humour.

Mr. Arnold's work can be found in private collections, public spaces and professional offices. He has participated in both solo and group exhibitions throughout North America and Europe. He currently lives and works in New Brunswick.

"What is important in my work is the lightness i bring to the subject, but it is a serious lightness nevertheless. It is important to me that my work not be labeled 'whimsical' as this misconstrues my purpose and demeans the quality of content. I want people to see the playfulness in my work, but to realize the serious business that underlines all play. It is not coincidental that animals, and in particular, the circus motif that attracts me as a subject, for here we readily find an analogy for the serious play that is so much a part of life.

In my work, I am drawn to the use of strong colour. We each respond to and use colour emotionally. My palette of colour is strong. Also, my visual approach is very much a stylized approach. The representation of my subjects, not as hightly realistic, but as stylized figures, allows me to present the aspects of my subject that interests me.

My process usually begins with a sketch, sometimes even a doodle, and then moves through more detailed drawing in preparation for the wood and the paint. As I create a piece, shaping each component and selecting colours things can change. The beauty of being an artist is this freedom to create and to alter as one creates."