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Jim Edsall


Jim Edsall

A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jim Edsall received his BSc, in biology, from Dalhousie University. In 1982, he moved to Saint John, New Brunswick. It was while living here that Jim embarked upon his career as a wood sculptor and artist. While dabbling in wood working and painting, Jim was able to combine these two loves with his passion for bird watching, and began to recreate wildfowl in wood.

Experimenting with different woods, tools and paints, as well as studying bird anatomy and habits, Jim’s work has evolved into the carefully sculptured, highly detailed pieces he produces today. He sculpts almost exclusively from Tupelo, a tree of the southern United States, and paints with acrylic. Other materials such as brass and copper are used to strengthen or create habitat, like branches and leaves. Every part of each sculpture is hand created, no natural objects are used.Jim has been carving for twenty-five years and has produced more than five hundred sculptures depicting over a hundred bird species. His work has won numerous awards at both the local, national and international level and he is often called upon to teach seminars on painting and sculpting.His work resides in homes, offices and museums throughout Canada and other countries. A large and impressive collection of Jim’s work can be found at the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, located at the foot of the Confederation Bridge in New Brunswick. His carvings have been presented to many dignitaries including President Bill Clinton. His works are also found at the Jonathan Dickson State Park in Florida and the St. Simon’s Island Coast Guard Museum Centre in Georgia - to name a few. Jim works mainly on a commission basis, sculpting birds for nature lovers and art lovers alike.

In addition to sculpting, Jim is also an entomologist, musician, bird watcher and photographer. He lives with his wife and children in Dartmouth, NS.