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Heather Lawson


Heather Lawson

It is with sadness that we announce that heather lawson passed away on Friday, September 7, 2018  following a brief illness.  She will be missed by many in the art’s community throughout Eastern Canada.  A private and down-to-earth person, she had a no-nonsense approach to her art and her life.  She will be remembered as a passionate and creative person, an advocate for artists and for leaving a major influence on the stone carving and craft community.

Using traditional stone carving techniques, heather created works inspired by the natural world around her. Trained as a restoration stone mason, heather began her career restoring historic architecture; techniques one can observe in her work. heather carved her work by hand, each sculpture unique to the moment. Working exclusively in sandstone, limestone and slate, her work is at once dramatic and subtle; recalling the ancients and exploring the limits of the medium.

Working for three decades with stone, heather was considered a master artisan. Her work can be found in personal collections across North America and Europe -  be it in and among treasured gardens, interior spaces, or as an intrinsic part of private or public architecture.
A native Nova Scotian, heather shared her knowledge and enthusiasm for stone and stone carving techniques with all that came into contact with her. Welcoming visitors from all over the world, she served as teacher, lecturer and mentor for many.  As if ensuring beautiful settings for her work, heather was an accomplished gardener and landscape designer as well.  

In 2015, a 10 minute documentary on the life and work of heather lawson was produced by Breakwater Studios (Directed by Ben Proudfoot) entitled, “Stone”.    It can be seen at this link: