Fog Forest Gallery.

”I feel it is extremely important for galleries to be friendly and not intimidating to the visitor.”

-Janet Crawford, Owner
  Fog Forest Gallery began organizing exhibitions and selling original artworks in 1984. Since that time, the Gallery has developed into one of the finest small private galleries in Atlantic Canada. Original artworks by painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors and artisans are presented year round in monthly solo, group or themed exhibitions.

The Gallery is not large, however, the exhibitions are designed with a clean and uncluttered approach. The large sunfilled windows and hardwood floors assist in allowing the space to breath and the artwork to be appreciated with respect. Above all, Fog Forest Gallery is a friendly place to visit. Janet Crawford welcomes every visitor and invites questions. “I feel it is extremely important for galleries to be friendly and not intimidating to the visitor. Asking questions, being introduced to the artist and discovering some of the technical aspects of creating art is essential to the learning process. I like to be a part of that process.”

The Gallery is open all year round. Regular hours are: Tuesday to Friday 10 am - 5 pm and Saturday from 10 am - 1 pm or by appointment. The Gallery is operated by one person and is sometimes closed due to meetings, working off site or running errands. Please, if possible, call ahead to ensure that someone will be here when you arrive.

Establishing Fog Forest Gallery in the heart of an arts community like Sackville has not been accidental. Sackville is a beautiful historic town nestled on the edge of the world famous Tantramar Marshes at the head of the Bay of Fundy. In addition to Fog Forest Gallery, Sackville also hosts, Mount Allison University’s Owens Art Gallery, an artist run centre, Struts Gallery and a professional theatre company, Live Bait Theatre. The town also enjoys musical concerts and recitals, a film society, literary readings, an active craft community.

Drop will be time well spent.